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The Body Project Podcast is about exploring the origin story of some of the industry's best fitness professional and what inspired them to choose fitness as a career.  


I believe that choosing fitness, movement and health is a fundamental aspect of being able to create not only the health and physique that allows us to move well but that we can positively transform all aspects of our lives.   

The goal is to share grass root beginnings, perhaps a challenge turned to success, as well as some of the proven principles curated from high profile fitness professionals, gurus, celebrities, and, world class athletes, and change agents alike


This way, you, our audience can also learn and be inspired to take on your own Body Project or find a new zest to continue your fitness journey and ultimately, change for the better.

The overarching theme of the show is : The disciplines of health and fitness can give you access to transforming all aspects your life.

Catherine Tanaka
Fitness, Nutrition & Accountability Coach

Deloraine Avenue


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